Injury data, analytics, and visualizations for major professional sports teams

MGL tracks and analyzes regular season injuries in the 4 major North American professional sports and also creates visualizations for the data. We offer 2 types of data access for organizations or individuals.

  1. Summary team and player injury data with visualizations directly on the site (screenshots and descriptions below). Annual subscriptions on the site provide current season and historical injury summaries and analyses back to 2009 for NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Annual subscription required.
  2. Expanded injury data delivered in an electronic package for analysis by your organization. One or multiple seasons of data can be purchased. The package contains detailed game-by-game, player-by-player statuses back to 2009 for most sports. Contact us.
An annual subscription on the site gives you access to weekly injury updates for your chosen sport. Includes: injury summary for the week, injury visualization for each team, team and player injury data tables.
The team and player injury tables on the site give you detailed team-by-team, player-by-player summaries of injuries, other game statuses, and proprietary metrics on the injury impact to the team.
In addition to weekly injury updates for each sport, the end-of-season analysis gives the full summary of the injury profiles for each team and for each player.
Each sport features its own customized collection of injury data points and metrics measuring the impact of all injuries on the team, per player.
All data tables on the site are interactive. They are fully sortable and searchable for all data categories, including team and player name.
Injury summaries (especially end of year articles) are updated as new data becomes available, and the eventual league champion is crowned.
The site also provides a series of “The most injured teams since …” feature articles for most sports. The articles are updated annually following each season and provide an overview of each teams’ injury evolution through time.