Injury Data, Analytics, and Visualizations for Major Professional Sports Teams

MGL tracks and analyzes regular season injury data in the 4 major North American professional sports and also creates visualizations for the data. Our injury data is currently accessed and used by the majority of NHL, NBA, and NFL teams. MLB teams are slowly stepping up to the plate.

With an active subscription on the site you have access to multiple data formats.

  1. Team-by-team and player-by-player data is available directly on the website. The MGL site provides team and player injury data with visualizations (screenshots and descriptions below). You gain access to current season and historical injury summaries and analyses back to 2009 for NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA (NBA back to 2012 at this time). Get Access Now.
  2. Want to know when a player was injured and what the injury type was? For new subscribers (subscriptions on January 29th, 2018 or later) you also have access to team-by-team, player-by-player, AND game-by-game data upon request. Screenshots and a description of the data are provided below. Get Access Now.

Website Features with an Active Subscription

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Game-by-Game Data Package with an Active Subscription (for new subscribers as of January 29th, 2018)

For members with an active subscription as of Jan. 29th, 2018, upon request you will receive a spreadsheet for your sport that provides game-by-game statuses for all players (available back to the 2010 season for most sports).

The complete data we collect is regular-season, game-by-game statuses for each player, for each team. For the different sports we track whether the

  • player played (including up to 10 different stats on their in game performance depending on the sport)
  • was injured (including basic details on type/nature of injury (knee MCL strain, concussion, finger fracture, etc.))
  • was a healthy scratch, coach’s decision, or DNP (‘did not play’ or was the backup goalie and didn’t play)
  • did not dress for the game (including inactive, in minors, suspended, personal leave, disciplinary leave, other)

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