OUR ANALYSIS End of Regular Season NHL Man Games Lost April 29, 2013

Here are the NHL man games lost totals per team as of the end of the regular season on April 28, 2013. We’re going to highlight the difference in the data table below versus data that shows MGL data officially reported by the individual teams in their ‘Game Notes’ on game days. Each are calculated differently and show strikingly different results.

The table below is from our analysis of man games lost (MGL) by each team. Our methodology attempts to remove the bias that teams can introduce into their injury numbers. We’re reporting on actual man games lost to anything, including players who are on the roster and are a healthy scratch, injured or ill players, suspended players, through to the backup goalie who sits on the end of the bench. Also including players on injured reserve, if the player is on the roster and doesn’t play in a game, we count that as one man game lost for the team. In the end, all teams sit one backup goalie per game, or have 2-3 healthy scratches when they carry 21 skaters on their roster and can only dress 18 in a game. The impact on including those stats in our calculations is negligible. In our analysis the numbers aren’t as important as the ranking of the team with relation to the numbers.

In the injury data reported directly by the 30 teams they are reporting solely based on players registered on their official injured reserve list, and may or may not include 1) games missed by players due to illness or minor injury in which they are a game-day scratch from the lineup 2) games missed by players suspended by the league or the team. There is no regulation by the league in this regard and all 30 teams report the numbers in any manner they wish. This is why we feel our analysis gives a clearer view of the true injury status of teams versus other teams.

There are some interesting things to note in the results. For example, a team like Boston, obviously doing very well all year with regard to injuries versus the rest of the league, doesn’t report the games missed by Marc Savard (post-concussion syndrome) in their man games lost numbers. If they did, they would have an additional 48 man games lost on their total to bring them to 99 man games lost. That brings them closer to the middle of the pack. Our analysis corrected for Marc Savard’s omission in their injury reporting. On the other hand, the Flyers do include Chris pronger’s man games lost (post-concussion syndrome) in their team totals. This is just one of the many inconsistencies in the injury reporting by the different teams. A team like the NY Islanders which ranks 25th in MGL (with 81) based on the injury numbers they report, is in fact 5th in our analysis with 339 man games lost to anything, ranking just behind the injury-riddled Flyers and Panthers.

TABLE OF MAN GAMES LOST TO ANYTHING.  For the team reported injury man games lost see this post.

TeamRankSktr MGLGoal MGLTeam MGL
NY Islanders529247339
St. Louis1222074294
New Jersey1422258280
Tampa Bay1719364257
San Jose2119059249
NY Rangers2717947226
Los Angeles2917545220

SKTR MGL = Number of Man Games Lost for all forwards on a team roster, and including injured players (injured reserve or otherwise) and healthy scratches

GOAL MGL = Number of Man Games Lost for all goalies on a team roster, and including injured players (injured reserve or otherwise)

TEAM MGL = Total team Man Games Lost as a sum of skaters and goalies MGL